Places to Visit in A’Sharqiyah, Oman

Loving the outdoors and thinking of fun and exciting outdoor adventure? We got you covered as we present to you some of the fantastic and beautiful outdoors of A’Sharqiyah, Oman.

Sands and stone shoreline, as well as island and beaches, are just a few of the things you do not want to miss when you are in Oman. This is one of the most exceptional experiences of your life that money cannot buy. Here are some of the attractions you should visit when you had the chance to go to A’Sharqiyah, Oman;

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Attractions to Visit in A’Sharqiyah, Oman

1. Dune Bashing – Sharqiyah Sands

Comprising of the provinces of North and South A’Sharqiyah, this piece of Oman is broadly viewed as the topographical gem of the Sultanate. It is here that staggering coastlines offer a path to the extraordinary environment which is Sharqiyah Sands, making this district heaven for travellers and pilgrims.

The white sand and stone shoreline found between Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi are the favourite of the water enthusiasts. The City of Sur, which is known for its shipbuilding, makes for incredible outdoors and fishing areas. It is not a surprise that this territory offers a wide array of attractions for nature and ocean sweethearts; from turtle viewing at Ras Al Hadd, to kite surfing on Masirah Island or visiting the conventional Dhow yard of Sur, where Arabia’s classic boats are still manually created.

The Sharqiyah Sands enables guests to have a first-hand experience of the desert, with dunes that can reach heaven with untamed life. Nearby Bedouins keep on reproducing domesticated animals, including camels and Arabian steeds, and guests find the opportunity to see camel hustling and different rivalries consistently.

2. Bidiya Desert Camp

This Bedouin-themed camp lies within the Eastern Desert, 200 km from Muscat. It offers an outdoor buffet café near the activities like sand surfing, table tennis, and volleyball. The Arabian tents at Bidiya Desert Camp are perfect for families. A few shelters have air cooling, and each tent has a washroom with a shower. After a flavorful dinner at the café, you can have some brewed coffee or unwind by the campfire. The tour desk can organise local tours and desert safaris. The site can provide free parking, and the front desk is available 24/7.

Inform the Bidiya Desert Camp about your time of arrival in advance. You can utilise the Special Requests box when booking, or directly contact the property, providing your contact details for confirmation.

Bidiyah Desert Camp | Image:

3. Qalhat – Bibi Maryam Tomb

When the principal capital of Oman, Qalhat’s history follows back to the Bronze Age. The Portuguese invaded the city up until it was being ousted in the late sixteenth century. From that point forward, the community has gradually tumbled to destroy, with just the tomb of Bibi Maryam remained as evidence of Qalhat’s previous significance.

It is one of the most dramatic and stunning places to see along the coast extending at the middle of Muscat and Sur, a region wealthy in history and legacy destinations. The structure of the tomb is lovely and astounding. According to the legends, the tomb of Bibi Maryam was constructed by the ruler of Hormuz Bahaudin Ayez, or that her grave was a site of a Mosque and that Bibi Maryam made it for herself as her burying ground.

Photo by Prasad Pillai under CC

4. Masirah Island

Masirah Island is well-known to be Oman’s most fabulous island, and only a ship from Shannah could reach it. The Island is like a heaven for bird watchers and serves as a breeding site countless travelling sea turtles. It is an extraordinary area to have fun fishing, besides, to indulge in various water sports like cruising and kite-surfing because of the high winds near the shore.

Masirah Island | Photo by Marlon Cureg under CC

There are four species of sea turtles on Masirah Island which includes the biggest count of Loggerheads located anywhere on the planet. They have around 30,000 inhabiting females on the northern shorelines. The shallow waters are ideal for snorkelling and swimming, and you will effortlessly get to see the turtles. You can also find them along the shores during night time as they come out to lay eggs.

5. Wadi Tiwi

Wadi Tiwi provides a different type of bottomless gaps in the mountains that runs to the sea. It contributes old villages, lush plantations and emerald waters.Tiwi is identified as an archaeological spot on the region well noted as al-Jurayf, in Ṣūr Wilayat Sharqiyah. The area is located in the middle of Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi.

Photo by Tristan Schmurr under CC

Wadi Tiwi is not so distant from Wadi Shab. Wadi Tiwi is bordered by banana plantations, dates, and small villages. Despite the fact, that is accessible by car, the best way to travel through and discover is on a barefoot. It is estimated around a 2-day journey all through the mountains going to Wadi Bani Khalid.

Outdoor activities in A’Sharqiyah, Oman is one of the best things that life could offer. This kind of adventure the best gift that you can give to yourself and your family.

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