Places to Visit in A’Dhahira, Oman

The fast-paced demands of the modern world can be quite stressful. Before the toxicity takes its toll on you, Kabayan, it is necessary to take a step back for you to recharge and regain many levels forward. The perfect way to do this is to take a restful break in the region of A’Dhahirah. All work and no play is a recipe for disaster, so don’t shortchange yourself and remember to stop and smell the roses.

This governorate is located in Oman’s west, where it was once in the prime position on the ancient trading routes. Even in the olden days, this region was seen as the bridge between the vast mountain ranges of the neighbouring United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. To Al Hajar Mountains to the Empty Quarter that is Rub Al Khali, both the fields of history and archaeology play a vital role in keeping the province robust. You can easily explore A’Dhahirah’s central city because it is only a few hours from Muscat. Here are some of its iconic locations:

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Ibri Fort | Image: Experience Oman Facebook Page

List of Attractions to Wander Around in A’Dhahira, Oman

Check out the Ibri Fort

This fort is rich in history having been built 400 years ago. After undergoing massive renovations, it was once again opened to the public in 1995. The Ibri Fort serves as the home to one of the oldest mosques in Oman, which is still in use to date. You, along with many other tourists, can have stunning views of this grand structure across the area of the fort’s battlements. The many intricate gates, built for various purposes, are one of the fort’s most captured attractions. Strike a pose with one of these gates as your unique backdrop, snap a pic, and then send it to family.

Explore Al Alyn and the Bat Beehive Tombs

The fact that the Bat Beehive Tombs are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site means that this place has a lot to offer. You must drive the scenic route to Al Alyn and the Beehive tombs because they are renowned for having the most extensive collection of necropolises and settlements around the globe. These ancient ruins have rich stories to tell because they date back as far as the third millennium before Christ.

Archaeological Sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn (Oman) | Image:

Make your way to the Al Araqi and Al Aynyan Forts

The twin settlements of Al Araqi and Al Aynayn are located in the northern portion of Ibri. They are situated along the road connecting Ibri and Al Rustaq. They both have beautiful forts that provide a stark contrast to each other because one is newly restored, while the other basks in all its ancient glory. Be sure to visit both sites so that you can enjoy the complete experience.

Al Araqi Fort | Image:

Visit the Bait Al Marah Castle

This is a must place for you to visit, making you feel like royalty. Enjoy the scenic ride to the remote village of Yanqul, which sits at the base of Jebel Al Hawra. Bayt Al Marah Castle is a large mud brick palace that dominates the skyline of this quaint town. It was built in the 17th century by the Nabahani Dynasty. If its mud-brick walls can speak, what interesting stories they would say for sure.

Bait Al Marah Castle | Image: Oman Ministry of Tourism

Find your way to this beautiful region on one of your day-offs, Kabayan. A visit to the old part of A’Dhahirah will give you a fresh perspective because it will take you back to a time where simple living was the norm. Looking at history will help you appreciate the conveniences of today. And as the famous adage goes, only those that know how to look back to the past can successfully continue moving forward to a bright future.

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