Places to Visit in Al Batinah, Oman

If historical sights and ancient ruins are what you’re looking for to enjoy your rare days off, then the Region of Al Batinah, with its many forts and castles, is the perfect place to visit. Pack your bags and make your way to this scenic coast of Al Batinah, because aside from these historical landmarks, you can enjoy the salty waters of the ocean, Kabayan.

Al Batinah, located in the north-east of Oman, is a great coastal town the runs parallel to the majestic Hajar Mountain range. It serves as a home to many picturesque wadis and villages, like the Wakan Village and the Wadi Mistal. This area is also known for its wonderfully soothing hot springs called the Ain Al Thowara.

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Nakhal Fort | Photo by Juozas Šalna under CC

Areas to Visit in Al Batinah, Oman

Sohar, which is Oman’s capital during the ancient era, is located in this region. It is fabled for being the hometown of the legendary icon called Sinbad the Sailor. Sohar is now one of the largest cities in Oman, which is home to a big, bustling port, along with other industries. Here are the Instagrammable forts and castles you can visit in Al Batinah:

Visit the Al Rustaq Fort

This is a compelling medieval fort built in the 12th century. Al Rustaq was reconstructed, to become the fort that you see today, during the 16th century when the town then served as the brief capital of Oman. You can enjoy exploring its three levels and climbing up its four watchtowers. This is known as one of the largest and most famous forts of the Sultanate, which is open for public viewing.

Al Rustaq Fort | Photo by Hans Birger Nilsen under CC

Enjoy the Unique Beauty of the Sohar Fort

Unlike many of the other forts in the country, which have the mud-brick tone, the Sohar Fort stands out because it is colour white. This fort dates far back to the 13th century. Today, you will see that it houses a small museum in the most massive tower. On top of that, you will enjoy exploring the 10-kilometre long tunnel that once became an escape route for the town’s nobility in the event of a siege.

Sohar Fort | Image: Mercure Sohar Official Facebook Page

Become Familiar with Corners of the Barka Fort

One of the principal attractions of this fort is its octagonal-shaped tower. Getting to know the vast expanse between its eight corners means there is a lot for you to see and enjoy in the Barka Fort. You can check out various rooms and take a peek at the different levels and platforms. Stepping out the platforms should provide you with magnificent views of the ocean and the surrounding areas.

Barka Fort | Image:

Get to Know the Nakhal Fort

This is one of the well-known forts in the country because it is an iconic symbol that is built on top of a large rock. The Nakhal Fort dates back to the pre-Islamic period, so it has undergone a lot of renovations over the passing of the centuries. Now, visitors can enjoy beautiful scenic views of the Nakhal village when they view it from the fort’s topmost level. Moreover, the historical artefacts in its museum will give you a quick glimpse of how life was like in the days gone by.

Nakhal Fort | Image: Dreams of Oman Official Facebook Page

Discover Al Hazam Castle

Find your way to this castle, which is 17km for Al Rustaq. Initially, this was built to be the home for a local Imam. The castle has since been restored. You can certainly take plenty of pictures with the intricately-carved doors serving as your backdrop. Also, there are secret passageways for you to get “lost” in. You can also examine their impressive water system, which has been serving the region for centuries.

Tour the Stunning Liwa Castle

Its towering height and sandy coloured structures make this fort a stunning sight in the town of Liwa. This is located in the north of Sohar, so it is pretty easy to visit. The castle is set within green palm plantations giving it a genuinely majestic aura, which you must capture with your camera. No need for those added cellphone filters because it is beautiful enough on its own!

Liwa Castle | Image: Oman Pocket Guide Official Facebook Page

Take a Trip to Al Khabourah Castle

This castle is only two kilometres from the Al Khabourah roundabout. It is famed for its beauty and for the fact that it faces the sea. You can take your time exploring its many living quarters and the vast storage areas. You can take a walk in the beautifully maintained courtyard while enjoying the beautiful seascape.

Al Khabourah Castle | Image: Toorso Official Facebook Page

Enjoy your vacation to this region, Kabayan. Today, Al Batinah is known as the green belt of the country because its vast plantations and fisheries provide the citizens with their bountiful harvest and freshest produce. On top of that, remember that coastal towns are noted for their quaint fishing villages and expansive sandy beaches, which will help you unwind and give you your much-needed vitamin sea.

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