How to Legally Change Jobs in Oman

Is it time to change your job? The reasons may vary as you are eager to earn more, learn more, and do more. It is as if you’re at a dead-end that you would want to start over finally. Always keep in mind that changing jobs need to be planned carefully. The key influence in your decision is money which equates to work. Earning more money has always been a common goal.

The feelings of being bored, undervalued and underutilized may fuel your desire to change jobs. The desire to feel more empowered and feel free in a particular profession is always there. But always consider in mind if changing work is risk worth taking. If ever you have not done enough in your current job, it maybe is right to change how you feel about it.


Step-by-step Process on How to Change Your Work Legally in Oman

Below are the following steps that you need to follow to change work carefully.

  1. Get a sense of evaluating negative and positive consequences of changing work in Oman. Draw up potential benefits such as new skills, fresh perspective, a better position, and better pay. But, never disregard the possibility of losing things in the process. Think about the cons of changing work in Oman. Also, consider the fact that the job offer today may look great. But it might soon become the reason why you’ll quickly change jobs again.
  2. Keep in mind the rule presented by the ROP. You cannot change your job in Oman unless a No Objection Certification or NOC is given to you. It is just that although you have the certification in hand, the Ministry of Manpower won’t permit your current employer to obtain a new clearance that you can be replaced with another expatriate employee.
  3. The next thing to do regarding this situation mentioned is to look for an Omani to do your job. That’s the only time that your employer will give you a NOC.
  4. One more way for you to change work in Oman and work for a different employer is to leave for two years. Decide to return for the smooth and secure process of successfully changing work. There are, however, companies that won’t give someone a NOC. They submit a refusal of carrying it and creating sorts of drama for them.
  5. The company that releases the employee will also be required to send a representative to the ROP office. The purpose of which is to give consent that the worker can apply for another firm. As long as there is no objection from the previous employer, it can be just natural for you to change jobs in Oman. The opposite will, however, prevent you from returning to the sultanate to work for about two years.
  6. As per the company representative or sponsor, he or she must be present at the ROP office. He or she will attest and sign the claim of an employee to be released to another company. And there is no particular objection before this. The current company needs to provide a release letter so that you can move to a new company. No need to think that employers would use this requirement to hold foreign workers hostage. They would choose to provide an employee with a NOC than being required to pay to send them back to their country.

In all these, never assume that changing work in Oman can be quick or straightforward. Get the full support of your new employer by leaving the country for some time. Return by signing a new contract. As you return, never expect that your former employer will still be friendly to you. This is because you are working for a competitor. Employers in Omani are against disloyalty.


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