Rights and Responsibilities of Domestic Workers in Oman

If you’re currently working or planning to work in Oman as a domestic worker – the chances are that you have no idea what are your rights & responsibilities in the country as an expat. Working on a different country can be nerve-wracking & problematic, especially if you don’t have any idea what you’re getting yourself into.

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That’s why in this article, we list all the rights & duties of foreign domestic workers in the country of Oman. Make sure that you take notes, as these rights might come in handy in the future.


Oman OFW: What Are Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Domestic Worker

Domestic occupation or work which covers caring for the senior to engaging in the laundry is a career that prevails all over the world. From the USA, Philippines, Oman and others, domestic work prevails in many homes. Domestic work is essential sustenance in society.

As millions of people are employed as domestic workers all over the world, the numbers are surely growing. Women are focused on housework and care services, whereas men serve as gardeners, drivers and security man. Oman is classified as one of the Middle East’s securest countries even though of being in an unstable spot because of east-west dealings. It is appraised that there are 2.5 million domestic workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Oman Human Rights Commission have issued the rights and responsibilities of domestic workers in Oman below:

A. Rights of the Domestic Workers

  1. Earning the monthly salary is not more than seven days from the end of the working month and signing the required document to recognize the receipt.
  2. Obtaining sufficient food and reasonable shelter from the employer.
  3. Acquiring a return ticket from the recruitment office if the worker is designated to a different job or he/she has a mental illness or contagious disease or disability.
  4. Acquiring a return ticket charged to the employer at the end of the contract period or breach of contract.
  5. Getting proper treatment that sustains his/her dignity.

B. Responsibilities of Domestic Workers

  1. Assurance to work with the employer all through the contract.
  2. Honouring Islam and social conducts and customs while observing existing laws and regulations.
  3. Stay away from working with another employer until procedures, and other documents are accomplished.
  4. Abstain from harassing or abusing children and other family members to avoid legal action.
  5. Guarding the employer’s property and avoiding using them for personal purposes.
  6. Adhering to family secrets and privacy and avoiding inviting others to the house without authorization from the employer.
  7. Refrain from lures presented by strangers that might cause human trafficking and maltreatment.

By knowing all your rights & duties as a worker in Oman, your stay in the country would be more comfortable, and ensure your safety from laws and abusive employers.

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