10 Top Oil and Gas Companies in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is among the world’s top destinations not only for tourists, but for business investors and expat workers, as well. Thanks to the country’s booming oil and gas industry, people from all over the world continue to live and work in Oman.

In this article, we will talk about the leading oil and gas companies in the country. For each company, we have included a brief history and description of their products and services. We have also added the contact information of their head offices, and location maps, too. Keep on reading to know more about the best oil and gas companies in Oman!

Top Oil and Gas Companies in Oman

10 Best Oil and Gas Companies in Oman

Have you ever wondered which are the top performing companies in Oman’s thriving oil and gas industry? Well, look no further, because here’s a rundown of the top oil and gas companies in the country!

1. Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Company

On June 22, 1993, Al Maha Petroleum Products Company was founded through a Royal Decree from Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said. Often called simply as “Al Maha,” this company is named after an animal that is native to the region… the Arabian Oryx (al maha).

The company operates a huge network of 200 service stations all over the Sultanate of Oman. This includes auto services and convenience stores, too. Different types of fuel cards are also offered to Al Maha’s customers for easy payment, transactions, and rewards.

What’s more, Al Maha Petroleum Products Company supplies fuel and other products to the transportation, tourism, and fishing industries of Oman — particularly to the ports and harbors at Diba, Khasab, Marina Bandar Al Raodhah, Qurayyat, Raysoot, Saham, Shinas, Sohar, and Sur Port. In addition, the company supplies aviation fuel to Muscat International Airport.

Address: Muscat, Oman
Telephone: +968 24 610200
Website: https://www.almaha.com.om/

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2. BP Oman

BP, formerly known as the British Petroleum Company, is a British multinational oil and gas company that is based in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the biggest oil and companies in the world.

In the Sultanate of Oman, BP has been present since 2007, although its history of oil and gas exploration in the Middle East goes way back. The company is a major investor in the country, and is a global pioneer when it comes to tight gas production.

In 2017, the company commenced production from phase one of Block 61, Khazzan. Three years later, production from phase two, Ghazeer, began. Another important milestone transpired in January 2019, when BP and another company, Eni, signed an agreement with the government of Oman regarding the exploration of Block 77.

Address: A Salam St, Muscat, Oman
Telephone: +968 22 121100
Website: https://www.bp.com/en/global/corporate/what-we-do/bp-worldwide/bp-in-oman.html

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3. Eni Oman BV

Established in 1953, Eni is a global energy company that is based in Italy. It is involved in every stage of the oil and gas value chain — including natural oil, gas, renewables, and co-generated electricity, along with traditional and bio refined chemicals.

In Oman, the company has been operating since 2017, particularly in Block 47 and Block 77. In January 2019, the company signed an Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) with BP and the Ministry of Petroleum. As mentioned earlier, this agreement focuses on the exploration and production for Block 77, an onshore area situated east of the Khazzan field.

As of 2022, Eni has presence in 62 countries, including Oman. Out of 32,188 employees — 20,878 are working in Italy while 11,310 are based overseas. Interestingly, 27.3% of its managerial staff are women.

Address: Muscat, Oman
Telephone: +968 22 455010
Website: https://www.eni.com/en-IT/eni-worldwide/middle-east/oman.html

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4. Masirah Oil Limited

Masirah Oil Limited is an oil producer; it holds one hundred percent of Block 50, an offshore concession situated in the Gulf of Masirah, in the eastern part of Oman.

In February 2020, the first oil was achieved in Block 50. In July of the same year, the field development plan for the Yumna Field and Declaration of Commerciality were approved. This declaration enables Masirah Oil Limited to fully develop the Yumna Field, while continuing to explore the rest of Block 50 at the same time.

Notably, Masirah Oil Limited is a subsidiary of Rex International Holding, which is an oil exploration and production company listed on Mainboard of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. This company is active in Oman through Masirah Oil Limited, as well as in Norway through Lime Petroleum AS.

Address: Coral Building, 3rd Floor (3D), Bldg. No. 3235, Way No. 3341 Dawhat Al Adab Street, Al Khuwair Azaiba, 130, Oman
Telephone: +968 24 955900
Email: info @ masirahoil.com
Website: https://www.masirahoil.com/

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5. Occidental Oman Incorporated

Occidental Oman Incorporated is part of the Occidental Petroleum Corporation, an oil and gas exploration and production company based in the United States. Better known as “OXY,” this company operates in the United States, Latin America, and the Middle East. It currently has around 38,000 employees and contractors globally.

Founded in California in 1920, this company has certainly come a long way. In the Middle East, it has oil and gas operations in Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In fact, it is the biggest independent oil producer in the Sultanate. It also happens to be a partial owner of the Dolphin Gas Project, which supplies gas to Oman and the UAE.

Address: Al Assalah Towers, Al Sultan Qaboos Street, Muscat, Oman
Telephone: +968 24 524000
Website: https://businessgateways.com/oman/oxy

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6. Oman Oil Marketing Company

Launched in October 2003, the Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) is a fuel marketing company. It is engaged in the marketing and distribution of fuel and lubricant products, with activities such as aviation refueling, fuel retailing (to the public and private sectors), storage, and distribution.

In 2018, the company signed an agreement with Muscat Municipality and Hass Petroleum to supply the city’s fleet of vehicles with fuel. This agreement also included the distribution of lubricants to Kenya and other Eastern African countries. In the same year, the Oman Oil Marketing Company made plans to expand its services and operations into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Address: Muscat, Oman
Telephone: +968 24 251111
Email: customercare@oomco.com
Website: https://www.oomco.com/

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7. OQ

In 1982, OQ was founded as the Oman Refinery Company. In 1996, it became the Oman Oil Company, which was established by the government of Oman. The company eventually merged with the Orpic Group in 2019. Since then, the merged company was dubbed “OQ,” which stands for “Oman” and “Quality.”

Today, OQ is an energy investment company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the government of Oman through the Oman Investment Authority. It is engaged in various sectors, including: refining, marketing, petrochemicals, metals, mining, infrastructure, transportation, and power generation. At present, OQ has operations in 17 countries.

Address: Dauhat Al Adab St, Muscat, Oman
Telephone: +968 24 640666
Website: https://oq.com/en

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8. Petroleum Development Oman

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is the country’s leading exploration and production company, delivering majority of the crude oil and natural gas supply of Oman.

Currently, the company is owned by the government of Oman (60% interest), Shell plc (34% interest), TotalEnergies SE (4%), and PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (2% interest). Its gas fields and processing plants are operated exclusively in behalf of the government of Oman.

The company’s concession area spans 90,000 square kilometres, which is one third of the geographical area of Oman. It has 205 producing oil fields, 64 gas fields, 29 production stations, and over 8,400 active wells. It also has an 8,900-strong workforce, with employees coming from 60 different nationalities.

Address: Al Fahal Street, Muscat 100, Oman
Telephone: +968 24 678111
Website: https://www.pdo.co.om/en/Pages/Home.aspx

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9. Shell Oman

Headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, Shell plc is one of the biggest energy companies in the world, with around 93,000 employees and operating in over 70 countries worldwide. After ExxonMobil, Shell plc is the world’s second biggest investor-owned oil and gas company. It also happens to be among the largest companies in the world, including all other industries.

Since 1958, Shell plc has been active in Oman, particularly in the marketing of fuel and lubricants. In 1997, Shell Marketing (Oman) Ltd. became a public limited company and was renamed Shell Oman Marketing Company.

Notably, Shell Oman has a huge network of around 200 service stations across the country. It also offers an extensive range of fuels, greases, and lubricants to individual and corporate clients.

Address: Shell Oil Marketing, Unnamed Road, Muscat, Oman
Telephone: +968 24 570100
Website: https://www.shelloman.com.om/

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10. TotalEnergies Oman

Founded in 1924, TotalEnergies SE is a French multinational integrated energy and petroleum company. It is one of the leading oil companies in the world.

In 1937, the company first began operations in Oman. At present, it is focused on producing liquefied natural gas. It also has an interest in exploration, as well as interests in Block 6 and Block 10. Moreover, TotalEneries Oman supplies corporate clients with high-tech batteries and lubricants designed by its affiliate, Saft.

Address: 7th Floor, Minaret Al Qurum Building Muscat PC OM, 114, Oman
Telephone: +968 22 609200
Website: https://totalenergies.com/oman

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Final Thoughts

Indeed, the oil and gas industry in Oman is likely to remain active for many more years to come. If you are an investor or a job seeker who is interested in joining this industry, we recommend that you start by getting in touch with any of the companies mentioned above.

Aside from oil and gas, another major industry in Oman is construction. A quick visit to the country’s major cities will reveal a robust building and construction industry. Check out this article to know more about the top construction companies in the Sultanate!

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