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How to Authenticate Documents in Oman

If you have been living and working in Oman for quite some time, then you know the importance of keeping official and legal documents. Likewise, you are also aware that these documents need to be authenticated or attested as true and genuine. Authentication is a necessary process, especially since it involves the acceptance of official [...]

Expat's Guide to Renting Accommodations in Oman

In a previous post, we shared some tips on finding a job in Oman. Today, we are going to discuss about another essential part of residing in this country: accommodations. There are different types of housing available in Oman, depending on location, and of course, your employment contract. Accommodations are typically included as part of [...]

Tips for Finding a Job in Oman

There are many expat workers living and working in Oman, including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). In fact, almost half of the total population in the country consist of foreign workers, many of which come from Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, and the Philippines. That being said, job opportunities for expat workers have become more limited [...]

filipino restaurants oman

About a decade ago, there were not that many Filipino restaurants in Oman. These days, however, there is a growing number of Pinoy restaurants in the Sultanate. This could be attributed to the increasing number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) working there. ALSO READ: Living and Working in Oman If you ever find yourself craving [...]

prevent coronavirus infection oman

The Ministry of Health in the Sultanate of Oman has shared tips on how to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Please be advised accordingly with the infographic shared by the Ministry: Clean your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub. Use tissue or your flexed elbow to cover your nose [...]


The traffic issue not only in the Metropolis but also in other locations in the country is a growing burden for the people. When you need assistance on your Social Security System (SSS) transactions, you’ll need to go to the nearest service branch. But that was before. Thanks to its website, you can now access [...]


The National Bank of Oman or NBO was established in the year 1973 as a joint-stock company. This bank provides conventional Islamic banking services. NBO operates in five segments, corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking, treasury, and international banking. Also Read: List of Aliz Islamic Bank Branches and ATMs in Oman This bank is very passionate [...]

The Oman Arab Bank was established in the year 1984. The bank has continuously expanded in the country to provide a comprehensive set of financial products and services to cater to their clients. They offer corporate banking, retail banking, project finance, investment banking, and many more. Also Read: List of NBO Bank Branches and ATMs in [...]

Aliz Islamic Bank Logo

Aliz Islamic Bank was founded in 2012 and this leading bank in Oman provides corporate and retail finance. This is a Shari’a compliant bank and its headquarters is located in the Central Business District Area in Ruwi, Oman. Also Read: List of Bank Nizwa Branches and ATMs in Oman In case you are looking for specific [...]

HSBC Bank Logo

The HSBC in Oman is one top bank in this country where they offer many financial services and products. They have many branches and offsite ATM Locations spread throughout Oman. The branch here had been operating since the year 1948. Also Read: List of Bank Muscat Branches and ATMs in Oman With the many years of [...]